Whiplash is the rapid forward and backward motion of the head and neck which is commonly a result of a car accident. The sudden force of a whiplash injury causes neck sprain/strain with tearing and stretching of the tendons and muscles in the area. Symptoms of whiplash may include headaches, neck pain, arm pain with/or without numbness and tingling. Other …

Lynn LabrousseWhiplash

How to Maximize Fetal Positioning 

During the latter part of pregnancy, many women become frustrated with the possibility of a c-section when the baby is in a breech position.    Just because your baby is breech, doesn’t mean your only option is a caesarian. A vaginal birth is the best way to bring your bundle of joy into this world. It has many benefits for …

tigerHow to Maximize Fetal Positioning 

Immune Support for Children

Many of our children are back in school for the new school year.  Unfortunately, this means an increase in illnesses and absentee school days.  Regular hand washing and a healthy diet can help reduce the transmission of colds and flus, but, often times it just isn’t enough.  In our household, we use cod liver oil, elderberry syrup, Echinacea, and probiotics …

tigerImmune Support for Children

Chiropractic & Infant ear infections

Ear infections are quite common in children.  Nearly half of all children will have an ear infection by the age of 1 year old.  They can be painful and present with a fever, cold and irritability.  It can become a chronic condition for some children that can result in hearing, speech and developmental issues.  Often, antibiotics are prescribed but aren’t …

tigerChiropractic & Infant ear infections

Acupuncture & Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help relieve morning sickness.  Hyperemesis gravidium is severe morning sickness usually treated with medication and/or IV for severe dehydration.  Acupuncture can also help with tiredness, headaches, carpel tunnel and sciatica as it relates to pregnancy.  Acupressure uses pressure instead of needles to treat these symptoms.  Acupressure and acupuncture are equally effective. Acupuncture is very effective in treating post …

tigerAcupuncture & Pregnancy

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Many pregnant women feel discomfort and pain in the pelvic, lower abdominal and lower back regions during the latter part of pregnancy.  This can be due to the hormones released used to relax the ligaments in those areas.  Also contributing to the pain and discomfort is your growing baby and belly.  Pregnant women tend to lose proper alignment because of …

tigerChiropractic & Pregnancy

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