How to Maximize Fetal Positioning 

During the latter part of pregnancy, many women become frustrated with the possibility of a c-section when the baby is in a breech position.    Just because your baby is breech, doesn’t mean your only option is a caesarian.

A vaginal birth is the best way to bring your bundle of joy into this world. It has many benefits for both mother and infant. Benefits to the baby include a lowered risk of respiratory problems, stimulation of their cardiovascular system, exposure to protective bacteria, a less likely admission to the NICU, more apt to breastfeeding, and more skin-to-skin contact after birth. Benefits to the mother include quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay and no scars!

Fortunately, we offer various effective methods that can allow your body to maximize fetal positioning thus increasing your odds of having a vaginal delivery.  These methods include, exercise and birthing balls, acupuncture including moxibostion, and chiropractic care.  We offer these services at our facility.


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tigerHow to Maximize Fetal Positioning