The Chiropractic Offices of Doctor Lynn Labrousse

Dr. Lynn Labrousse opened her practice as a sole practioner in 2002.  Initially, her focus was pain as it related to auto accidents and injuries.  Within her years of practice, she discovered a void in her profession.  Many women sought treatment for pelvic pain.  Her practice began to evolve treating more women suffering from pelvic pain, endometriosis and other conditions related to infertility.

My Story

I am very passionate about treating women who suffer from infertility. I myself was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. This means that the cause of my infertility was never identified through conventional medicine. After ten long years of many medical tests, artificial inseminations and in-vitro fertilizations I was still unable to conceive and childless.

We decided to explore other options. We considered fostering, adoption and surrogacy. In the meantime, I started treating myself and other “infertile” women with a course of treatment including, chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal support. We have great testimonials, but I became pregnant after a MERE 4 MONTHS of treatment!!!

Now, I would like to offer this same treatment that has helped many women have a successful pregnancy and carry to term.

My passion is to help women because of my personal experiences. I am ready to help YOU too.


  • Graduate of Florida International University 1998 Bachelors of Science in Biology
  • Graduate of Life University 2001 Chiropractic Medicine
  • Graduate of University of Miami 2008 Art & Science of Acupuncture 

Our Mission

We treat our patients like family.  Our goal is to provide quality care to all patients.  We attentively listen to your symptoms and complaints to determine the best treatment plan.  Our knowledgeable and caring staff is willing to give assistance whenever needed.  We are a multilingual office.

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