Dr. Lynn has been my chiropractor for about a year.  I used to suffer from migraines at least twice a week before treating with Dr. Lynn.  Now I haven’t had a migraine in over three months. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lynn to anyone looking for pain relief.Maria T.
I was struggling with low back pain and abdominal cramps every month during my cycle.  I had terrible headaches and nausea during that time too.  It was starting to interfere with my everyday activities.  After a few sessions with Dr. Lynn, I started to notice  an overall improvement.  My headaches have nearly disappeared and my cycles are not as painful.  I have been able to enjoy the gym again and I’m losing weight.  I am so excited and grateful!Kathy R.
Dr. Lynn gave my attorney great medical reports and notes.  My attorney said it was instrumental in me settling my car accident case with great compensation for my pain and suffering.Tom J.
I can’t explain it!  After a year of “trying”, the only thing I did different was follow Dr. Lynn’s recommendations and treatment plan.  Now I’m pregnant.  Thank you Dr. Lynn.L.P.R.
Within a few visits, I noticed a physiological change. You have to experience it, to get it!Lisa M.
Dr. Lynn treated me with acupuncture during my IVF cycle.  She also used  guided meditation that helped me to relax and focus on my goals to achieve pregnancy.  Two weeks later, my RE gave me great news.  It was like music to my ears.  You’re Pregnant!Cindy H.
I was in a car accident.  I had neck and back pain. Dr. Lynn was recommended by a friend.  She is caring and listens well.  My pain is gone. She will be my chiropractor and my family’s chiropractor for life.Charles B.
My baby has ear infections often.  Dr. Labrousse used the gentlest approach for my baby boy.  Now, he rarely gets a cold or ear infections.Pat B.
I had terrible low back pain during my pregnancy.  Dr. Lynn treated me during my last trimester.  The pain improved so much I was able to get out of bed in the morning with less effort.  Even better, my labor was so much easier than my last pregnancy.  I had the natural birth I always wanted.  I really appreciate Dr. Lynn and her work.Kerri D.
Dr. Lynn is very passionate about her work.  She is dedicated to the well being of all her patients. I love that she is a great listener and customizes her care based on the individual.Reginald P.