Whiplash is the rapid forward and backward motion of the head and neck which is commonly a result of a car accident. The sudden force of a whiplash injury causes neck sprain/strain with tearing and stretching of the tendons and muscles in the area.
Symptoms of whiplash may include headaches, neck pain, arm pain with/or without numbness and tingling. Other symptoms are difficulty concentrating, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and ringing of the ears. These symptoms may not show up immediately after an accident and may take several days to weeks. Therefore, it is important to visit your chiropractor within the first few days of a motor vehicle accident.
A whiplash can be diagnosed through a physical exam with your chiropractor. Also x-rays, MRI, and/or CT scan can help further identify whiplash injuries and rule out any possible disc herniations.
The best treatment for whiplash and neck sprain/strain is regular chiropractic adjustments. In conjunction with adjustments, ice, heat, physical therapy and acupuncture aid in reducing pain, increasing mobility and restoring function.

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